Quarantine 2020

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Real Estate

When Covid-19 hit, a lot of people spent a bunch of time binging TV shows and movies while sitting on their couches. I was going crazy and could not stand to sit still anymore. That's when I decided I would put my time to good use. With everything going "virtual", real estate classes became available at the touch of a button. Being a teacher in my previous life, I value education and am constantly wanting to soak up as much knowledge as I can. I decided I would take advantage of my time at home and further my education in real estate. I first began with a class called ePro. The ePro certification is all about technology and how to put it to good use. I then moved onto the PSA. The Pricing Strategy Advisor certification teaches agents how to best complete a CMA (comparative market analysis) and to be able to work with appraisers and price properties appropriatlely. Next, I moved onto my MRP. My oldest son is in the Airforce, so I wanted to get my Military Relocation Professional certification to learn how to best assist active and retired military. I then began taking (and finishing) my GRI. The Graduate Realtor Institute is an extensive series of courses designed to set agents apart. This designation includes professional standards, laws, market knowledge and business skills. After that, I then began to work on my ABR.  The Accredited Buyers Representation designation empowers agents with the knowledge to best serve buyers. I have completed most of that designation and was also able to take some legal and contract classes (because you honestly can never take too many). All in all I completed 147 CE hours. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  So what did you?