Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

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I am pleased to announce I have obtained my certification as a Professional Probate Real Estate Specialist. I can assist you with whatever your needs might be depending upon what stage of probate you are in. Please reach out if you have questions. I will be doing more blogs focusing on probate in the future. 


In the meantime, for reference purposes-

The Probate Timeline Step Duration

Prepare and File Petition for Probate 1-2 months

Court hearing on the Petition for Probate 2-3 months

The following are issued: Letters of Administration, Orders for Probate, Duties and Liabilities, Issue Bond (if ordered), & **Letters Testamentary ** 2-4 months (if not contested)

Notice to Creditors 2-4 months

Notice to Department of Health Services Inventory & Appraisement 4-8 months

Pay State and Federal Taxes (if necessary) 6-12 months

Allow or Reject Creditor Claims Possible Preliminary Distributions Notice to Department of Health Services (if deceased received medical)

Notice to Franchise Tax Board (if heir is out of state) Claim of Exemption (if assets transfer to a minor) 6-15 months

Receive Final Tax Letter from State and Federal (if appropriate) 6-18 months File Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting 8-16 months

Hearing on Petition for final Distribution and Accounting Order Approving Final Distribution and Accounting Distribution of Assets to Heirs 9-17 months

Final Discharge Order (indicates close of probate case) 9-18 months Final Distribution of Funds 9-18 months